Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere, conflict erupts in the workplace. In other instances, we see smoldering issues between family members that go on for years. Not only is it distracting but usually emotionally unsettling to all employees. In a family business both family and non-family members get drawn into it. They become engaged; they take sides. Issues between family members seemingly nonexistent previously, can become activated in the workplace. One of the problems we frequently see is sibling rivalry. Whether it’s an older brother dominating another or a younger sibling desperately trying to prove him or herself, adult children doing battle in the family business is more than ugly.

Generational Conflict

Generational conflict is the disruption that arises from clashes between Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965 -1982), and Millennials (1983 – 2004). In each generational group, the work ethic, communication styles, comfort level with technology, and attitudes toward authority, are likely to differ. We can facilitate conversation that leads to understanding and cooperation so that the strengths of each get mobilized, limitations and issues get addressed and resolved.

Grooming the successor

When a business owner transitions out of a business, they take crucial knowledge and expertise that they alone possesse. Grooming the Successor means that when an owner exits there will be a smooth transition to the new leader. There are several pieces to this task including selection, shadowing, and coaching. Making the most of this moment is an opportunity to insure the founder’s legacy. Sometimes, leaders can use this event to select someone who has capacities that he/she doesn’t have and thus provide for some greater opportunities in the future.

Onboarding Friends and Family

Hiring a friend or family member seems to be an easy and natural choice because you know them and already have a relationship. However, having a relationship often results in us being blind to and rationalizing some of their weaknesses. Worse, later when issues arise it feels like it is somewhere between difficult and impossible to talk with that person. We help organizations rationally look at potential hires who are friends or family, examine their assets and limitations to see if they are the best choice. Additionally, looking at the, “What if down the road a problem develops” scenario. Sometimes even though there is a good fit, an owner and/or potential employee may say no. The risk to a valuable relationship isn’t worth it.

Leadership Team Conflict

Unhealthy conflict within a leadership team is usually destructive. Since most people try to avoid conflict, over time feelings may become more intense. It becomes a periodic focus for both people. Whether people avoid each other or periodically snipe at each other, unresolved conflict disrupts your business. As a neutral party, calm in the middle of conflict, we help people stop their destructive behavior and resolve their anger. We facilitate the ‘tough conversations’ that are necessary to resolve conflict within a team.

Succession Planning Conflicts

Succession Planning is often ignored with many owners acting as though it is unimportant, “I’ll get to it later”. Often, they never do. The results can be tragic. Without a plan that has been discussed, understood, and implemented; most businesses fail, a lifetime of wealth accumulation is lost and family harmony destroyed. Potential successors may believe they should the choice, emotions become inflamed, and conflicts erupt distracting leaders and many others. Whether it is conflict or taxes, without planning most business don’t survive the sudden loss of an owner. Would you like to avoid this as part of what you leave behind? We can facilitate a process that allows for your legacy to be a successfully functioning business and family harmony.

Managing Friends and Family as Employees

Managing and/or terminating friends and family can be one of the most challenging experiences for the business owner. Friends and family can easily become legacy employees; those whose employment continues and are who only marginally contributing. Worse, they usually are a “culture drag” in that others look at how this person is getting away with not contributing, taking excessive time off, has special and destructive access to the owner; etc. This often creates strong emotions that interferes with their alignment with the organization. Additionally, feelings of unfairness, anger and resentment are distractions so that they are unable to do their best work. With our outside perspective and an allegiance only to your organization, we are uniquely able to assess these situations and propose solutions that are both strategically and tactically sound.

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From Conflict to Career Launch

A young executive, seemingly destined for a bright future with the company, was having a series of conflicts with a receptionist. These conflicts included her lack of job conscientiousness, a “snippy” and disrespectful attitude, and a dismissive arrogance when confronted.

Take the Money and Run

The problem was that the owner, who held over 90 percent of the ownership, was accustomed to operating the company as their own personal piggy bank. The result of this was that other managers, as well as others at the company who knew what was going on, were feeling used and very resentful of the owner.

Stanislaw Consulting, under the leadership of founder, David Stanislaw, has been a foundation of guidance for not only myself as a turnaround CEO/President, but also for many of my business colleagues to whom I have recommended them. Since any company has challenges with teams and between individuals – especially those undergoing change due to mergers and acquisitions, and/or management succession transitions – the expertise Stanislaw brings in conflict resolution, executive coaching and overseeing succession planning tangibly results in measurable employee satisfaction, and positive culture evolution.

Camille Jayne

“When I needed advice, Stanislaw Consulting was there with the professional guidance and the know-how to get me and my business back on track. Thanks to Stanislaw Consulting I saw positive results in no time at all.”

Payton Hillman

“David has provided insights and perspectives that have helped me accept myself and my experiences. I appreciate that the company I work for is committed to their employees and offers David’s services. After all, a happy employee is a valuable employee!”

Monica Levin

David Stanislaw is a insightful business professional that I have found much success and appreciation for. I would highly recommend him and his team. We have had him help us with succession planning and executive coaching within our organization. He’s so good that we invited him speak at our numerous events.

Jennifer Kluge


  • Resolve conflict.
  • Be able to have difficult conversations.
  • Align your leadership team.
  • Improve communication and teamwork.
  • Recruit and develop the right people.
  • Decrease turnover and increase morale.
  • Increase your bottom line.

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