CEO and owner of Innovative Learning Group, Lisa Toenniges, shares how working with Executive Coach David Stanislaw has been a game changer for her as her organization continues to grow.

Many leaders have made the statement that it’s lonely at the top, Lisa is no exception. In many small- to medium-sized companies, there are very few executive-level leaders. This can lead to certain challenges for leadership as they do not have peers to bounce ideas off of or obtain other non-biased points of view. This is where an Executive Coach can be critical to success.

For Lisa, she was seeking ways to better engage, influence, and motivate her staff while also improving her relationship-building techniques.

When asked how Stanislaw Consulting was able to help, Lisa stated that David was able to use several techniques to get a baseline of her situation. Lisa and David were able to review and talk through the results of some assessments to help the two of them better understand Lisa’s personality as well as leadership style.

“David brings perspective.” says Lisa. “He shared that even tough messages can be delivered in  a kind, compassionate, and effective manner.”

Lisa has worked with Stanislaw Consulting since 2017 and has been able to lean on David as a peer and a confidant as Innovative Learning Group continues to grow. She discusses this growth with David in the context of when to be hands on vs. hands off, and David has been able to create focus and develop tactful solutions for every-day interactions.

The return is complex in that dollars cannot accurately depict the value Stanislaw Consulting has continued to deliver for Lisa and Innovative Learning Group. Having an outlet, a trusted peer, and simply someone to talk through specific challenges that transpire every day is more than enough.

“With David, I no longer get stuck or have to dwell on an issue. He helps me work through it and move forward.” says Lisa

Executive Coaching is both an art and a science that is less cognitive and is more emotionally learned. For over 20 years, Stanislaw Consulting has helped companies large and small see their way through the most challenging times and prevail to not only see another day, but to move forward and thrive. 


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