Stanislaw Consulting | From Conflict to Career Launch

From Conflict to Career Launch

Conflict Resolution

A young executive, seemingly destined for a bright future with the company, was having a series of conflicts with a receptionist. These conflicts included her lack of job conscientiousness, a disrespectful attitude, and a dismissive arrogance when confronted.

Stanislaw Consulting | Take the money and run

Take the Money and Run

Conflict Resolution

The problem was that the owner, who held over 90 percent of the ownership, was accustomed to operating the company as their own personal piggy bank. The result of this was that other managers, as well as others at the company who knew what was going on, were feeling used and very resentful of the owner.

Stanislaw Consulting | Transfer or Outright Sell?

Transfer or Outright Sell?

Family Business

The owner was in his late 60’s and wanted to retire. He had long nourished ideas that his son would be the person to take over the business. Both of his advisors thought this was unwise.

Stanislaw Consulting | Reluctant Father and Capable Son

Reluctant Father and Capable Son

Succession Planning

The CEO of a $30M family-owned business had brought his three children into the company even though they were not qualified at the time. Despite their lack of business skills, the children had been given senior management positions. The father was reluctant to step aside and there was considerable rivalry between the children in the business.

Stanislaw Consulting | Should the Son Take Over?

Should the Son Take Over?

Succession Planning

The CEO of a long-established manufacturing company was having difficulties with regard to his company’s succession plan.He was considering retiring and having his son take over the business. However, his accountant and attorneys were against this plan because they didn’t believe the son was capable of running the business.

Stanislaw Consulting | Any Virtue to an Excess is a Vice

Any Virtue to an Excess is a Vice

Leadership Development

The dilemma was that a leader involved in the field of compliance auditing had a style that was very black and white, right and wrong. He tended to alienate people because he was very diligent and harsh with other people. When it came to people who were slow to get things to him, he would get “on them” in an aggressive way and put them to the test.


  • Resolve your conflict.
  • Have difficult conversations.
  • Align your leadership team.
  • Improve communication and teamwork.
  • Recruit and develop the right people.
  • Decrease turnover and increase morale.
  • Increase your bottom line.

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