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What do you want your legacy to be?  Perhaps the business you created gets passed to another family member?  Maybe a business that has sustained your employees and their families for years to continue to that into the future?  That you maximize the dollar value of the business you created? Business Succession | What do you want your legacy to be? | Stanislaw Consulting

It is unlikely that your exit from your business will do any of the above without planning; ordinarily several years in advance.

In the best of all worlds a business owner would put a succession plan in place long before he/she looks to a transition.  Whether it’s a complete retirement, a dilution, a family member succession, planning maximizes the potential for it succeeding.  Too often we see a crises because a business owner did not plan and acted as though he/she would be there forever.

Without a working succession plan most small and family businesses end up closing.

There are 20 ways for an owner to successfully exit a business. The result of thoughtful planning is that you can create the legacy you want.

What legacy do you want to leave?

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Business succession planing is one of the most forgotten elements in any business. Build your plan today.

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